"It's like speed dating...only it's for parents and babysitters"

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what is lullaby league?

A last minute meeting, a doctor appointment, your nanny calls in sick, even a romantic evening out…We all love our kids, but there are times when we require some much needed (and probably long overdue) childcare help. Lullaby League comes to the rescue by providing parents the perfect way to meet university and college students who are looking for babysitting work.

At each fun-filled hour long Lullaby League mixer, parents meet a dozen or so fun and fabulous university and college students who are looking for babysitting jobs. This is the perfect way to meet, chat, see resumes and get to know each other…face to face. Parents will have a chance to have 3 to 4 minute “mini interviews’ with each sitter candidate to get a feel for who they are and how they might fit into their family. This is truly a cost-effective way of interviewing multiple candidates at a time versus spending hours surfing the web, searching community job boards and setting up multiple appointments. In just one hour you can meet great babysitters, with references who are ready to meet the kids!

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Choosing the Ideal Home Cleaning Service

For most homeowners, running a business or having a professional career means that they have to take their jobs at home or work longer hours in the office. This gives them very little time to pay attention to home cleaning. In fact, it can be said that home cleaning is quite a chore for them that they would rather be doing something else than spending their time on something a menial as home cleaning.

These days, a lot of homeowners are very fortunate because there are a lot of cleaning companies who provide home cleaning services. The best part in hiring these home cleaning professionals is that they are very good at what they do and provide results that are more than just satisfactory. If you are the type of homeowner who hardly has time to do home cleaning chores, then you should look into hiring a cleaning company who will provide home cleaning services for you.

The maid cleaners from cleaning companies are actually very reliable when it comes to having your home cleaned by them. They are very much familiar with doing everyday household chores such as cleaning, mopping, doing the dishes, as well as other usual household work. Some maids are even trained in providing care to the elderly as well as infants. In case you are strict with hygiene, fear not as the maids are also very hygienic. After all, cleaning is part of their job which is why they have trained to be hygienic at all times.

Depending on your household cleaning needs – or maybe the size of your home for that matter – the cleaning company you hire may send in as many cleaning maids as you see fit. While having many maids doing the cleaning all at the same time makes cleaning time both effective and efficient, you will of course have to pay for the services you seek. For most households though, one maid is enough, especially if the work is only maintenance cleaning work and not a major cleaning one.

All the maids the cleaning companies send are all highly trained for results and efficiency which is why you will hardly find any fault in the overall cleaning work that they do. In fact, it is not uncommon in their line of business to find very satisfied clients since they always try to do their utmost best in every cleaning work tasked to them.

Homeowners have different preferences. There are some who likes their cleaning services done while they are at home while there are some who prefer their cleaning maids to perform their cleaning duties while they are out at work. If you are the latter, it means that you will need to provide the cleaning company with your home keys so that the cleaning party can enter your premise and do the cleaning while you are away. Of course, before you handout your home keys to a cleaning company, it is very important that you know that they are very trustworthy first. Otherwise, you may lose a lot more than you think. For this reason, it is in your best interest to do your research first on a cleaning company before getting their services.

  1. Finding a cleaning company – these days, cleaning is a very profitable business which is why it is not uncommon to find quite a few cleaning companies available near you. To find a cleaning service, you may want to ask your friends, relative, or colleagues if they can recommend one to you. You can also look at classified ads on newspapers, your local telephone directory, or via the internet.
  2. Research – once you find a few cleaning companies, you may want to a do a bit of research on them. Do not hire a cleaning service you really have not done any research on as you would not want to make any regrets should they turn out to be one of the rotten ones. When looking for a cleaning company, it is vital that they have a very good and solid reputation like maid professional cleaning services in calgary. Good reputation is something you build over time while providing your services to others. If they have a good reputation, it means that they have doing their trade for quite some time and have gained loyal clienteles who will vouch for their reliability and integrity.
  3. Interview – upon finding the potential maid cleaning services that you would like to hire, give their company a call or perhaps visit their business office. Do a bit of interviewing to clarify some of the things you are uncertain of. If you have a particular or special type of work in your home that needs to be done, be sure to ask them if they have any experience in doing any cleaning over that particular matter. It may also be wise on your part to ask if they will be providing all the equipment they need to do the cleaning services they provide.
  4. Negotiation – once you are set in hiring them, then it’s time to negotiate the fees. After all, part of the hiring process is the negotiation of fees. Money is after all an important matter for any business. As a client, you will be paying them money to do the services you require. On the other hand, the company will provide you their services for a certain amount of money. Basically, it is a give and take kind of service. It is vital for both you and the cleaning company to have a good understanding on the fees to prevent any problems or issues that may arise from this matter.
  5. Setting the time –when hiring a maid cleaning service, it is important that you set a fixed working time for the cleaning crew. Their work can be based on a daily basis, a weekly basis, bi-weekly basis, or depending on your cleaning needs. It is important that you work out a routine as this will also decide the fees that you will be paying.

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