about us

The master-moms behind Lullaby League!

Amy van Weelderen founded Lullaby League in 2008 and lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

As a busy mother of a young son,  Amy was nervously searching for babysitters in Vancouver and never felt comfortable replying to posted notices or classified ads. A San Francisco native with no nearby family to call upon she really needed someone or something to come to the rescue and help out.  An idea was born, babysitters were discovered and Lullaby League comes to save the day for dozens of other moms like her.  Other interesting tid-bits about Amy: She once lived on Nantucket Island, MA, she is petrified of roller coasters and she has met, embraced and kissed the fabulous Hugh Jackman.

Jill Calderwood and Christina Buhler have taken on Southern Alberta!

Jill was born and has lived her entire life in the beautiful and ever growing Calgary area. Now a busy mom of 4 kids ranging in age from 4 to 16, Jill  found herself frustrated with the constant predicament of being at a loss for qualified babysitters. When she stumbled upon Lullaby League, she thought “What a great way to find those babysitting heroes I’ve been searching for!”.  Jill couldn’t wait to share this innovative concept with other Calgary families, and  now is so excited to be a part of the blossoming Lullaby League community, in and around Calgary.

11 years ago Christina married the love of her life and  moved from sunny Texas to freezing cold Calgary( what was she thinking?).   She is now the mother to 4 amazing children (3  busy boys ages 9, 6, 4 and a cute little girl age  2)  and is always on the lookout for that amazing babysitter ( you know the one who cooks, cleans up, and your children love?).   That is when she found Lullaby League.  After talking with other moms in the area she realized this is exactly what Calgary needs!  She jumped on board with Jill and is excited about the adventure that Lullaby League will bring.


Looking for a babysitter has never been so fun!