Here are some of our fabulous “shout outs” from Lullaby League participants:

“I didn’t thank you in person. The atmosphere was great, you’re a good facilitator too, and the parents were lovely to talk to. Thanks for creating the get together, while being there for a specific purpose.” – Nadia Q. (sitter)
“I love the program and am sitting for several happy families that I met through you!” – Lauren F. (sitter)
“Thank you for setting this up. I have met 2 great families to sit for” – Jennie D. (sitter)
“I was called by 5 moms the very next day!” – Alicia L. (sitter)
“So fun, thank you so much-I will tell all my friends” – Sandy J. (sitter)
“I did thoroughly enjoy the mixer and have a wonderful story to tell. I met a mother there and I will be taking over full time (30-35 hrs wkly) for her 3 children. Your service is a Godsend…I am a 41 year mom who just sent her only child off to college and I will now have 3 beautiful little girls to fill the void. My husband and I have tried having children on our own since we got married 10 years ago and it has just not been part of the plan. I love children and this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for me and for this family.
I am very excited about my new adventure and have the Lullaby League to thank for it. – Patricia Y. (mom and babysitter)
“Every babysitter in Vancouver needs to come to a mixer!” – Ruby K. (sitter)
“I love babysitting and I love Lullaby League…that was awesome.” – Patricia S. (sitter)